Our vision is to bring affordable high quality European baby and children’s clothing to America’s households

Timeless and elegang style, traditional but not boring, bold but never too loud, intrincate details, reminiscent of our own childhood, with a modern twist. That is Alicia’s Nursery style. 

All of our products are Responsibly Manufactured in Europe

We share your concerns on the products you buy for your children: health and safety, responsibility, convenience and comfort, price and quality and distinctive style.

Our Story

Alicia was born in 2022 in Pennsylvania, bringing a bundle of joy to her family in the United States and in Spain. Right after her arrival, a whole supply of little cute outfits was shipped from Spain by her grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, and her mom’s friends, while mom was working on creating her dream nursery; a place that would evoke traveling around Europe and fascination for nature, magic gardens and exotic blooms, reminiscing of fairy tales and real-life princesses and palaces.

Soon we realized that it was impossible to find good quality, stylish and affordable baby clothes in the US, like the ones hanging in Alicia’s closet. The traditional Spanish and Portuguese craftmanship is well-known in Europe for the delicacy of their baby garments and the quality of their materials, but we couldn’t find them! So we decided to bring the baby and children European style to the US and share our passion for timeless, elegant, well-crafted baby and children’s fashion. 

With love,

Alicia’s Mom

Diana cárdenas
alicia's mom

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